Snap-On Teeth (removable)

Snap-On Teeth

Overdentures, referred to as Snap-On Teeth, may be an excellent solution if you want a more confident solution than conventional dentures (which use suction to stay in place). While this procedure takes longer and can be more costly (depending on the number of implants), your Snap-On Teeth are removable and can be easily cared for to maintain proper hygiene.

Advantages over Conventional Dentures

  • The Overdenture fastens securely in place (snaps on)
  • Provides comfort and security knowing the denture won’t dislodge
  • Improve appearance and self-esteem
  • Restore a much more secure biting ability than traditional removal dentures
  • Help preserve surrounding bone by replacing the tooth root
  • Help prevent bone loss and jaw line recession

As traditional dentures are held in place primarily by suction, they may become loose, which could cause embarrassment and even physical discomfort and soreness as they rub against the gums. Speaking and eating can also be awkward with dentures that just won’t stay in place.

If you are not comfortable with your traditional dentures, or the idea of getting dentures is worrisome – Snap-On Teeth secured to denture implants may be an excellent, cost-effective solution compared to other alternatives.

“Denture Implants” or “Dental Implants”

Denture implants are similar to dental implants as a titanium metal post or “root” is inserted into the jaw bone. Unlike dental implants however, these titanium posts do not affix to permanent artificial teeth but rather they are used to hold a set of dentures firmly and securely in place. Depending on the number of teeth being replaced, denture implants are a much more cost-effective solution than dental implants.

Unlike All-On-4 Teeth, which require 4 dental implants per arch (top and/or bottom), Snap-On Teeth require a minimum of 2 implants on the bottom (to prevent rotation), and four implants on the top.

The main difference between denture implants and dental implants is that denture implants allow you to remove the Overdenture for maintenance, and dental implants do not allow any removal of the denture.

Dentures snap over the abutments, which results in a tight fitting, comfortable denture that doesn’t require messy adhesives or rely on suction to stay put. For most patients, denture implants are the best way to avoid slippage.

Denture implants will make your dentures fit more tightly and securely which often results in increased comfort and confidence for the wearer. If your current traditional dentures do not fit as tightly as you’d like, Snap-On Teeth may be the best solution.

Are "Denture Implants" right for you?

We perform a full examination of your mouth before we make recommendations on your options. If you are in good general health, there is a good chance that denture implants can work for you.

How does the process work?

Patient Review

The first step is gathering information. We take extensive care when learning about your oral health.

Your information is reviewed by Victor Minas to help you decide if you are a good candidate for Overdentures on denture implants (Snap-On Teeth) or more permanent teeth on dental implants (All-On-4 Teeth).

All available options are presented to you, including the steps and pricing, for review. 

The next step will be Victor arranging a pre-surgical consultation.

Dental Inspection

Once the implants are placed, they are usually left to heal for a few months; the exact time will depend on factors including the quality of your jaw where the implant is placed.

Once you are healed, the Overdenture is securely fastened to the implant and can snap on and off so you can take it out for cleaning and maintenance. 

We ensure that your dentures fit perfectly so that you can speak and chew happily!