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A conventional Full Upper Denture is typically held in place by suction, and covers the entire roof of the mouth. The Full Lower Denture sits over your bottom gums and has no suction.

Partial Dentures may have one or more teeth on them, but are placed around your existing teeth. A Partial Denture usually has a metal base with metal clasps that are secured to adjacent teeth to hold the Partial Denture in place.

Full and Partial Dentures are the most cost effective solution for missing or failing teeth.

Full Dentures on the top fit snugly along the roof of your mouth. Therefore, some patients find them to feel unnatural and may experience less taste.

As traditional upper or lower dentures are not secured to implants, there is the possibility of movement over time, which can cause rubbing and sore areas around the denture. Full Lower dentures can actually “float” in the mouth, causing difficulty talking, chewing, or even smiling naturally.

Partial Dentures are a good option for patients with existing teeth. A Partial Denture fits securely, filling in the holes left by missing teeth, which helps keep existing teeth in place and reduce gum recession. The drawback is that partial dentures use metal clasps to secure the denture to adjacent existing teeth. These clasps can sometimes be seen in the mouth, and take away from a natural look.

Snap-On Teeth, also known as Overdentures can replicate both a Full Denture or a Partial Denture, but use titanium denture-implants to secure the denture. Unlike a Partial Denture, there are no metal clasps visible, and the Overdenture “snaps” securely in place onto the implants, so there is no movement.

All-On-4 Teeth are dentures screwed into place to dental implants and are a non-removable solution.

The type of denture recommended for you will depend on the location and condition of any remaining natural teeth and your overall oral health. Victor Minas will discuss all of the options with you so you can select your best choice.

Just like natural teeth, dentures must be cleaned on a daily basis with denture specific cleaners.

Do not use toothpaste on your dentures, this can dull the shine. Other items not to use to clean your dentures are baking soda and bleach.

Make proper denture care part of your regular daily routine to maintain your best possible oral health! If you have any questions about dentures, or what your options are, please contact Victor Minas to set up a COMPLIMENTARY consultation. He’ll help you make an informed decision for your optimal oral health.

Titanium metal posts are placed into the jawbone to hold the artificial teeth in place. Many of our patients who have this procedure instantly realize how much more secure and worry-free this excellent solution is for them over their previous removable full or partial dentures.

All implants are made from titanium to provide your new teeth with the best strength and security.

Depending on your requirements, Victor Minas will consult with you to assist in determining whether or not a Snap-On or All-On-4 solution will be best for you.

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Denture implants are safe, comfortable, and durable, and can replace more conventional dental treatments such as traditional crown and bridge work. Implants may be the best option if you are looking for a long-term and lifetime treatment option for missing teeth.

By replacing missing teeth with teeth on denture implants, you enjoy many benefits, such as easier, more comfortable eating, improved speech, better appearance, and ultimately improved self-confidence.

Adult patients who are in good general health are good usually candidates for oral implants. In some cases, those who have deteriorated jawbones are able to have bone augmentation which makes it possible for them to get implants as well.

Booking an initial FREE consultation with Victor Minas is a great way to determine whether you are a good candidate for Snap-On Teeth or All-On-4 Teeth..

If you are considering dental implants, book a FREE consultation at our clinic – no need for a referral from your regular dentist. Victor will meet with you and examine your mouth to assist in determining which options are right for you. If your jaw is healthy, there is a good chance that you are a candidate for implants.
If implants are decided on, the surgeon places a metal root into your jawbone beneath the gum. The tissue must then be given time to heal. While the tissue heals, the implant will bond to the jawbone and attach to the gum.

Once your gum tissue has completely healed, the dental professional will attach an abutment above the gum line such as a post or ball to the implant. For some patients, the abutment can be attached in the first stage of the surgery. We then make artificial teeth which securely snap-on to the implant abutment.

No matter what procedure is performed, you want teeth that look natural and match your existing teeth in shape and colour. You also want to be able to eat all of the foods you love without discomfort, and without worrying about damaging your tooth replacements.

Snap-On Teeth or traditional full and partial dentures are easily removable by the patient for daily cleaning, unlike All-On-4 Teeth which are not removable by the patient; these are a much more permanent solution.

All-On-4 Teeth provide you with natural looking teeth, and you can bite harder with an All-On-4 denture screwed to implants than you can with other options, so you can continue to eat the foods you love most.