Get Dentures On Implants Today For Only $199/mo. (OAC)

The Value Offered by Victor Minas

As Victor Minas is a full-service denture clinic, he provides all services in-house, without a referral.

Victor works with all dental professionals to help optimize the size, number, and placement of implants. He then inserts your new permanent teeth which includes unlimited adjustments to your new dentures.

Victor Minas and Client

Dental procedures are expensive. Whether you need traditional full or partial dentures, overdentures that Snap-On to denture-implants, or an All-On-4 solution affixed to dental implants, the cost is always more than you expect it to be. Even if you have individual or group benefits coverage, it doesn’t always cover the full cost of your procedure, if it covers any costs at all.

Victor Minas strives to provide you with the most value for your dental investment. From exceptional customer service, to the best materials and workmanship, to all of your services provided under one roof, a visit to Victor’s denture clinic will have you smiling again – in every way!

Traditional Denture Cost

Being a member of the Denturist Group of Ontario, Victors fees fall within the current pricing set out by the Denturist Fee Guide of Ontario.

Full Denture Cost

Full/Conventional Dentures

Per arch (top or bottom), the price of denture starts at around $1,000 depending on the patients individual needs. This cost covers the examination, impressions, fabrication, insertion, and adjustments, and the expert evaluations and time of Victor Minas to create your winning smile.

Partial Denture Cost

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures having one or more artificial teeth typically start at $700 depending on the patients individual needs. Unlike crowns or bridges, the price for partial dentures does not depend on how many teeth are required, making it a very cost effective option.

Implant Denture Cost

Benefit Plans and Implants

Implant Dentures are typically not covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). Furthermore, many private and group insurance plans also do not cover the costs associated with dental implants.

However, as part of the initial complimentary consultation, Victor Minas will check with your insurance provider to determine how much of the cost may be covered by the insurance carrier. We can put in a written request for your insurance carrier to inquire whether a portion of the implants would be covered. We will even help you to understand your insurance company’s response.

Snap-On Teeth & All-On-4 Teeth Cost

Snap-On Teeth, are more expensive than traditional dentures as they involve additional parts that are needed to secure the Snap-On Teeth to the denture implants. However, they are a much more cost effective option than an All-On-4 dental implant solution. Typically, secured to two denture implants starts at around $3,500 depending on the patients individual needs. These costs include the examination, impressions, fabrication, implant components in the dentures, and the expert evaluations and time of Victor Minas to create your winning smile. These costs do not include the implants or the surgical costs associated with the implants, as every patient’s requirements are different. 

Snap-On Teeth are around 80% less expensive than the price of All-On-4 Teeth. The number of implants required will determine the price for your Snap-On Teeth.
Over Dentures / Snap-On Teeth

Dental Financing

Victor Minas works with financing companies to create a payment plan that works for you.

Once you are approved, your treatment can be paid anywhere between a few months to 6 years, at a competitive rate with affordable payments.

Talk to us about financing your new smile today!

How Does Dental Financing Work?

Man Smiling

We provide details on all of the options available to you, including all applicable costs, so you can make an informed decision. 

If the initial cost is an issue, then dental financing may help you improve your smile today without worry.

How Much of My Dental Procedure Can Be Financed?

Family Smiling

Any or all of your procedure may be financed, depending on approval. For amounts less than $10,000, approval can be provided within minutes. For amounts larger than $10,000, credit history and additional approvals are required. 

We will fill out the paperwork for you and help to make the process as easy as possible!

The Cost of New Dentures

You may be eligible for a tax return of up to 20% through the Canada Revenue Agency’s medical expense tax credit. Please check with your financial expert.

Dentures on Implants Are an Investment in You

Your mouth is the entry point of nutrients into your system. To support a healthy body, good oral hygiene is essential. Investment in your oral health may save you from additional dental work in the future. Healthy teeth which surround areas where there are missing teeth are more prone to problems such as cavities and periodontal disease. In addition to the health benefits, dentures on implants give your mouth a healthier appearance. And with a beautiful smile, the future is bright!

Don’t Let Cost be Your Deciding Factor

Don’t let your oral health be at the bottom of your wish list. Your quality of life, your self-confidence, and your health will benefit from being a priority. Whether you choose dentures or dentures on implants, give yourself a smile that you are proud to share!