All-On-4 Teeth (non-removable)

All-On-4 Teeth

All-On-4 Teeth replace missing teeth, while also helping to prevent bone deterioration. Since they are screwed in place to dental implants, there is no need to use adhesives to keep them in place.

All-on-4 implants

Since they are implanted into the bone, they allow for a bite up to 70% more force than other replacement types, so you can eat your favourite foods with peace of mind.

How Do All-On-4 Teeth Work?

All-On-4 Teeth require 4 implants per arch (top and/or bottom). These dental implants can be placed at any angle, allowing for better contact and support by the bone. In many traditional implant procedures, there is a need for bone grafting to stabilize the implant; however, for most patients, the All-On-4 process does not require bone grafting.

Am I a Good Candidate for All-On-4 Teeth?

Anyone in good health who either already wears dentures, or might need dentures is a possible candidate for the All-On-4 Teeth. We take extensive care when learning about your oral health, so we can present you with the best options available.

The Process...

During the first stage, Victor performs an intra-oral examination, takes digital facial and intra-oral pictures, as well as impressions for diagnostic models.

All of this information is reviewed by Victor Minas – Denturist, to discuss which options are best for you; Snap-On Teeth, All-On-4 Teeth or traditional dentures.

All available options are presented to you, including the steps and pricing, for review. If you choose the All-On-4 Teeth, the next step is the dental implant surgery. This type of implant surgery usually takes less than three hours. You will be sedated during the procedure. Victor Minas will arrange appointments with the Dental Surgeon and the dental implants will be placed into your jaw bone.

After surgery, your permanent teeth are not affixed immediately as your jaw bone and gums take time to heal. However, we place temporary All-On-4 Teeth that cover the dental implants. This temporary solution is screwed to the dental implants so you can continue to eat and drink normally until you are ready for your permanent teeth.

During the final stage, your new permanent teeth are secured to your dental implants. Victor Minas performs follow up checks to confirm that your mouth healed well, and everything fits as it should. All that remains is to share your new smile!
woman smiling with new implants