Dental crowns are used to repair damaged, weak, or broken teeth, and restore them to their natural appearance and function, so they look and work like your natural teeth. A dental crown is placed like a cap over the top of the tooth, acting like a shield to change the appearance and shape, and give it additional strength. Once the crown is fitted to the damaged tooth, it surrounds the entire surface above the gum line.
porcelain crown

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What are crowns made of?

Crowns can be made of porcelain, ceramic, gold and metal, acrylic, or a combination (such as PFM, or porcelain fused to metal). With Victor’s custom staining, porcelain or ceramic crowns can be stained to match your natural tooth colour. As porcelain chips more easily, gold and metal crowns are often recommended for back teeth. As they are not often seen, the metal or gold colour is not an issue, and they are stronger to handle the additional chewing pressures. The PFM crown may also be a good choice, as the outer shell of porcelain is similar to your natural teeth, but it provides the strength of the metal underneath.

How long do they last?

Take good care of your crowns, and they should last 10 years or longer. Brush and floss around your crowned tooth as you do the rest of your natural teeth. Also be aware when chewing hard substances, as crowns are not as strong as your natural teeth. And remember – never use your teeth to break or rip anything open, as it can seriously damage both your crowns and your natural teeth.

porcelain bridge

What if I need multiple crowns?

More than one crown together is called a bridge. It’s possible to have multiple crowns, and multiple bridges. During our initial consultation, Victor will evaluate all possibilities to give you your best options.

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How much does a crown cost?

Generally, crowns can range in cost from $800 to $1700 or more per crown. All of the cost or a portion of the cost of crowns is often covered by insurance. At Victor Minas, we can electronically send a request to your benefit provider to inquire whether the cost of your crown would be covered. We will even help you to understand your insurance company’s response.

What if my current crowns no longer colour match my natural teeth?

As crowns are artificial, they will not change colour over time. Your natural teeth, however, might darken or stain as you age. It’s possible for crowns to no longer be a good colour match with your natural teeth. Victor Minas can help you regain that natural look. We can remove the crowns, custom stain them to match your natural teeth, and re-set them (or place brand new ones if yours need replacing). With our onsite laboratory, you may only need one appointment to receive your new look. You’ll be ready to smile again in no time!

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