Teeth On Implants are safe, comfortable, and durable

In many cases, they can last a lifetime. Overdentures can replace more conventional dental treatments such as crown and bridge work. In many cases, having implants placed is the best option if you are looking for a long-term and lifetime treatment option for missing teeth.

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What kind of dental implants can I get?

Teeth on implants can be a permanent or removable solution. Dental implants, such as a dental crown to replace one missing tooth, or ‘All-on-4’, are permanent, and can only be removed by a dentist. Overdentures, or “Snap-On” teeth, are removable like conventional dentures. However, Overdentures are secured by two or more implants, so you can feel confident that they will stay in place.

What material is used for the implants preferred by Victor Minas?

One of the best types of unique dental implants available in the market today is an implant made from Trabecular Metal – the next level of implant technology.

A traditional dental implant (other implants currently available today) relies on bone to bond to the metal surface to ensure the implant anchors to (integrates onto) the bone.

Victor prefers securing teeth to these unique Trabecular Metal implants, because these implants allow your bone to “lock-in” (incorporating onto AND into) the implant in all three dimensions. CLICK ON THE VIDEO !

Only Trabecular Metal material has a porous structure; cancellous bone grows onto the implant’s surface and into the implant as well.

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Am I a good candidate for implants?

Good general health is all that is required to receive dental implants. If necessary, bone augmentation can be performed if you have a deteriorated jawbone, so implants are still an option. Note that your healthy teeth remain intact and do not need to be ground down for this procedure (unlike dental crowns or bridges).

What’s the biggest benefit of teeth secured to implants over traditional dentures?

As implants connect directly into the jawbone, they effectively replace any missing teeth, with the implant acting like a tooth root. The implant provides stability, security, and helps maintain strong healthy bone.

Full dentures are held on with suction, and may move and rub your gums over time. Even partial dentures, which replace only selected teeth, have metal clasps that secure the denture to an adjacent tooth. These metal clasps may be visible to others when you smile, and detract from the natural look.

Remember: Without some type of restorative replacement, a missing tooth can cause bone loss, eating difficulties, and problems speaking.

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What happens during implant surgery?

During a surgical procedure, implants are placed at the root level. Metal, titanium posts act like teeth roots. When the tooth is placed on the implant, it looks much like a natural tooth.

The metal implants are not visible to you or others. Once the bone and gum heals around the implant, it is stable and secure, and you’ll feel confident to eat and drink your favorite foods once more.

Are you interested in learning more about dental implants compared to denture implants? Talk to denturist Victor Minas about your best options.