PerfectSmile™ clear aligners are an alternative to Invisalign® but manufactured in Canada.

Unlike metal braces, PerfectSmile™ clear aligners can be easily removed for cleaning, when you eat, or when you brush your teeth. You receive new aligners every two to four weeks, gently applying pressure to your teeth over the course of the treatment.

invisalign at dentist

Benefits of PerfectSmile™ Aligners

Like Invisalign®, PerfectSmile™ clear aligners do not interfere with speech, work, or other social activities. A clear alternative to metal braces, they:

  • Are almost invisible
  • Effectively treat a variety of orthodontic cases
  • Are removable
  • Clean easily to help control plaque
  • Require fewer appointments
  • Fit comfortably over teeth

Smile Corp selected PerfectSmile™ teeth aligners due to their high quality and performance, and unlike Invisalign® and other competitors, they are the Canadian made option in clear aligners.