Because aligners provide gentle force on the teeth — shifting them progressively over time — you will receive a new set of aligners every two to four weeks. The number of treatment phases, sets of aligners, and length of treatment may vary, depending on your requirements.You must always wear the aligners during the treatment process, except when eating or brushing.

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invisalign vs braces

What’s the difference between clear aligners and metal braces?

There are a number of differences between clear aligners and metal braces, and when they are used:

  • Desired outcome: Clear aligners are a good option for minimal alignment issues. Metal braces are required if teeth need more corrective action.
  • Orthodontist vs. Dentist: Although metal braces are applied by an orthodontist, clear aligners can be applied and monitored by a dentist.
  • Appearance: Metal braces are quite visible to others. Clear aligners are almost invisible, and are often worn for a shorter period of time.
  • Permanent vs. removable: Metal braces are applied to your teeth and removed by an orthodontist. Clear aligners are removable, and can be taken out to clean. As you receive new aligners every two to four weeks, they do not wear or build up.

Ask our Smile Corp specialists if PerfectSmile™ clear aligners are the right solution for you.