Don’t suffer in silence. Whether they are made by us or another clinic, we are able to reline and repair any existing denture prosthesis quickly, often with same day service. Even for fixed dental solutions like ‘All-on-4’  and dental crowns, Victor Minas can remove the problem tooth or teeth, fix them onsite, and position them once more. And due to our high standards, your mouth may feel better than when it was originally placed! We understand the urgency of such repairs. Sending your prosthesis away for weeks to be fixed isn’t a viable option. That’s why we installed a state-of-the-art dental laboratory onsite, with a knowledgeable team of technicians and clinicians who can make the required adjustments often with same day service.

Smile Corp onsite lab

We can repair:

broken tooth icon

Broken teeth

missing tooth icon

Missing teeth

alignment issues icon

Alignment issues

crowding icon

Adjustments for comfort or rubbing

crowns icon

Crowns or bridges

discolouration icon

Discoloration of existing prosthesis such as crowns (with custom stain matching)

Let us help you find your perfect smile again, all in one visit!