Dental Prosthesis - Overdentures on Implants
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Missing or damaged teeth not only affect the appearance of one’s smile, they can also cause difficulty speaking or eating, not to mention embarrassment in social situations and lowered self-esteem.

Restore your confidence!
Dental Prosthesis

What is a dental prosthesis?

A dental prosthesis is an intraoral (located inside the mouth) device which is used to correct defects, replace missing teeth, protect existing teeth or to improve appearance. They may be permanent as in the case of crowns or dental implants or they may be removable as in the case of dentures.

Examples of dental prosthesis include full and partial dentures, Overdentures (snap onto denture implants) & Permanent-Teeth-In-A-Day fixed to dental implants


Dentures are used to take the place of missing teeth. Dentures may be full (or complete) dentures as well as partial dentures (or partials). They are considered a removable prosthesis. A full upper denture is typically held in place by suction, while the full lower denture can cause you embarrassing moments due to lack of suction primarily caused by movement of the tongue.

The type of denture recommended for you will depend on the location and condition of any remaining natural teeth. Book your consultation with us to discover your options.


Denture Implants

Overdentures snap onto denture implants or in some circumstances maybe used over a patients remaining natural teeth.

Denture implants are considered an excellent restorative treatment because the artificial teeth are affixed to a titanium screw/ball which is inserted into and fuses with the jaw bone. While this procedure takes longer and can be more costly (depending on the number of implants), it is a convenient option for the patient as the artificial teeth are removable, and can be easily cared for to maintain proper hygiene.

When taken care of, dental implants can last for the patient’s lifetime!
Dental Prosthesis
Denture Implants Toronto

Which Dental Prosthesis is Best for Me?

If you have missing or damaged teeth, a dental prosthesis can restore your smile and your self-confidence.  But to know which procedures you are a candidate for, it is necessary to have a consultation.


Book an appointment today and our caring and professional staff will examine your mouth to determine what procedures and prosthesis will work best to restore your smile.


We will discuss your options with you and help you make an informed decision.

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