Does OHIP Cover Tooth Implant Cost?

It’s a common question, and a logical one. If OHIP did cover tooth implant cost, it would in the long run save costs as this procedure has a high success rate and very rarely is does an implanted tooth need replacement. Compared to dentures which are typically not as effective, not as suitable for the health of the gums or the jaw, and which often need the replacement, implants are often the most cost effective choice.
OHIP’s lack of coverage of dental care is disappointing to those who understand that dental surgery is more than just a cosmetic choice. Damaged, missing, or loose teeth affect the way a person chews, and this in turn can affect their diet, and digestion. Unfortunately the OHIP only covers dental surgery performed in a hospital. Those services provided in a dentist’s office or clinic are not normally covered. There are ways however to have this procedure without coverage.


Know About the Procedure in Advance

Having an evaluation to see if you are a good candidate for this procedure is the first step to having permanent corrections made. Most healthy people will have no problems with teeth implants, but those who have diabetes, heart problems, and those who smoke should have let the oral surgeon know about these issues. The dentist who will perform the tooth implant can explain the procedures to follow and recommended the number of implants that are possible.


Understand the Total Cost of the Procedure

The total cost of the procedure can also be explained by the dentist office after you know the extent of implanting you will need. Include in this cost the time you might need to take off work. When you have this information it’s time to build a plan for the teeth implants that can help to improve your appearance and your health.


Finding a Payment Method

While saving up for any procedure is always a possibility for most people the time involved in saving up is an issue. One possibility is to use credit cards or a loan in order to pay for the procedure quickly. Personal loans can often cover the cost of teeth implants, but it is necessary to shop around for the lowest possible interest rate.


Setting Up a Payment Plan

Another possibility regarding payment for the procedure is to ask the dental office if a payment plan is offered. At times a dental office will allow for instalment payments or might work with a loan office directly in order to ensure patients can have the care they need.


Thoughts to Keep in Mind

After the jaw has healed the implanted teeth will be as stable as natural teeth. Just as with natural teeth, it’s necessary to perform routine dental care. You will need to brush and floss the implants just as you did your natural teeth. It will also be necessary to have regular checkups for cleaning and to have the implant check for stability. Most people with implants never need replacements if sufficient care is taken of the implant.

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