How Can I Benefit From Denture Stabilization?

Everyone who wears dentures or who has just observed people who do have them know them is aware of the problems these cause. Dentures can slip, and at times, especially the lower dentures can actually “float” in the mouth, causing difficulty talking, chewing or even smiling naturally. Denture stabilization is a process the helps to prevent these issues.

What Makes Dentures Slip?

Despite the fact that an adhesive is used the dentures are placed over the jaw. It is natural for the bone to shrink after the loss of natural teeth. The bone in the jaw no longer has the same stimulation of chewing with dentures. This loss of bone can be very small, but nevertheless no matter how well dentures initially fit some slipping becomes normal over time. This can make eating certain foods or speaking difficult. Even if the slip is small it can cause a lisp. While eating the slipping can pinch or irritate the gum.

What Are Denture-Retention Implants?

In dental stabilization retention implants also referred to as mini dental implants are used to provide a better fit for the dentures. Mini titanium posts are implanted in the jaw. These posts form a system that acts much like the natural roots of teeth. The head of the implant is shaped like a ball. The retaining fixture will then act like a socket. The dentures are then fitted with retaining fixture. Once the denture retaining fixture and socket are connected this anchors the dentures to the jaw. The denture is then held in place firmly without the use of a paste or adhesive. For most denture wearers the healing time is only a few days. After the initial healing is completed the bone will heal around the titanium posts. The bone and posts fuse together during this natural healing process. The fusion of bone and post takes as little as six months, and afterward the stability of the denture is immediately apparent. Routine dental care, such as brushing the posts is required.

How Can Denture Stabilization Help?

Securing dentures to the jaw is possible through denture stabilization. This procedure will anchor the dentures more securely. This makes slips less of a possibility, and allows the denture wearer an easier time chewing foods. This is especially true for those who wear lower dentures. The utilization and function of the denture are then closer to that of natural teeth. It’s possible to eat and speak with greater confidence. Since the bone has more stimulation, there’s less shrinking of the bone. The use of adhesives or pastes is usually no longer necessary. The cost of this type of procedure is more than standard dentures, but less than having traditional dental implant surgery.

How Long Has Denture Stabilization Been Available?

Dental stabilization has been in use in the U.S. and Canada since 2002. For denture wearers today this means the process has been proven successful, and enhancements are being made all the time to ensure a better fit.

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